Dogza Aries is already getting ready #FORTHETOUR

Have you heard Coast 2 Coast Live Tour???
Our very own Dogza Aries has been blessed with an opportunity to represent us in New York muhfuckin’ City bra. This blog post aims to tell you all about this tour and how you can help the boy jetset to the Big Apple.

When AKA said, “The World Is Yours” he meant different things to different people, the only common thing about it was the fact that he wasn’t lying. I, Dogza Aries, have been presented with an opportunity to perform in New York City on a tour organised to help independent artists go further. This is a blog post intended to fully introduce and explain the FOR THE TOUR campaign by us here at Savage Village Music Nation.

On the afternoon of 23 September, which happens to be my late father’s birthday, I received an email from Coast 2 Coast Live thanking me for being a member of their initiative and informing me about the Coast 2 Coast Live Tour happening next month. Being a sucker for good opportunities, I followed the links and submitted my profile for consideration on the performance lists. The tour has a total of ?? shows and I was only allowed to submit for one of them, so I chose the New York City All Ages show happening on the 17th of October. This will be the second of three shows in the Big Apple, so you can imagine my excitement. I received another email which was confirmation that my submission was received, valid and active. Now that my submission is active, I need to get votes so that should any other Coast 2 Coast member in my region submits for the same show I would be guaranteed victory.

This brings us to FOR THE TOUR. This is a campaign I started to get people attention and votes. Basically, I’m operating under the assumption that I’m going to be selected for the tour and that it’s only a matter of getting word out on the streets that we are praying FOR THE TOUR. So, for me to get selected here’s what I need you to do:

  1. Click which is my official voting page for this tour. Here you get given voting options, you can vote using Facebook; Twitter; Spotify and YouTube. Basically, by voting you are sharing my voting page to the social network you choose, allowing your social connections to know about me and the tour.
  2. When the voting options have all loaded select your preferred network and wait for a screen displaying the words,” YOUR VOTE HAS BEEN COUNTED. YOU CAN VOTE AGAIN IN 17 HOURS.” I advise you to vote using Twitter because the other networks sometimes lose access to my server due to time zone differences.
  3. You are only allowed to vote once per day so after voting you can share the link or the page to Facebook for added awareness. Return to the voting page 18 hours later to cast another vote. Every time you post about me and the tour please use the hashtag #ForTheTour.

How To Vote for Dogza Aries

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I joined Coast 2 Coast in October of last year, around about the time I dropped my debut mixtape Anonymous AF ( and they’ve been throwing opportunities my way ever since. Unfortunately, they only handle even overseas so it’s never been easy for me to take them. What’s different about this gig is that I’m all for it, I’m willing to drop everything for this tour because I see the good work it will do for my brand. The Coast 2 Coast Live Tour, dubbed “Largest Artist Showcase in the World”, is a tour designed to give independent artist around a world a chance to present their works to crowds of all shapes and forms. Independent artists usually lack the funding necessary to engineer their own tours, as is the case with me, so opportunities like this play a major role in the development of an independent artist because it opens a whole new world of publicity. We have Coast 2 Coast Live and Direct 2 Exec to thank for that. The tour consists of a total of 20 shows across the United States of America and Canada. The NYC All Ages Edition id the second show to be hosted in the New York and is happening at Sunnyvale on 17 October 2018, 8PM GWT. Buy tickets to the show here.


I haven’t dropped any music in a looooooooooooong time so it’s safe to say I don’t have enough material for the tour, hence the need for this campaign. I’m working with my usual collaborators (Degriz; S.M Kidow; Shabba Media and Hxlly Shandis) to make a 10-track demo that I can use at the tour. The music would then be released as a prelude of the collaborative mixtape me and Degriz are working on. Here are the titles of songs I’m hoping take to the States:

  • Dogza Aries – Bagboy (Prod. Jahlil Beats)
  • Dogza Aries – Lxrd ZERO (Prod. Purp Mane Beats)
  • Babyspitter7 – Afrikan Kid (feat. Dogza Aries) [Prod. Castro Beats and DJ Kingmaster SA]
  • Degriz and Dogza Aries – Make Up
  • Degriz and Dogza Aries – Drippy
  • Degriz and Dogza Aries – Bill’s Gates
  • Degriz and Dogza Aries – Call Home pt. I

My single titled Superbaddie, which was produced by Degriz and Razorous, is already outdated and I have promised never to use it publicly again. You can still download the song for free on Slikour Onlife by clicking or buy it from your preferred digital music store by clicking

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Expect some music soon. Please help me secure my spot in that performance roster, New York would do me soooooooooo good.


One Love

Dogza Aries